Author Date Patch Title
Krystian Hebel 06-11-2021 commonlib/lz4_wrapper.c: do not use bitfields
Krystian Hebel 06-11-2021 docs/flashmap: state the endianness of FMAP
Michał Żygowski 05-27-2021 cpu/amd/pi/00630F01: Remove unused directory and code
Michał Żygowski 05-27-2021 nb/amd/pi/00630F01: Remove unused directory and cod
Michał Żygowski 05-27-2021 vc/amd/pi/00630F01: Remove unused directory and code
Michał Żygowski 05-13-2021 cpu/amd/pi/00730F01/model_16_init.c: create correct MTRR solution
Michał Żygowski 05-13-2021 nb/amd/pi/00730F01: enable RESOURCE_ALLOCATOR_V4
Michał Żygowski 05-13-2021 nb/amd/pi/00730F01/northbridge.c: Report missing resources
Michał Żygowski 05-13-2021 nb/amd/pi/00730F01: Use generic allocation functions for PCI domain
Michał Żygowski 05-12-2021 vc/amd/pi/00660F01: Remove unused code and directory
Michał Żygowski 05-12-2021 nb/amd/pi/00730F01: Use generic allocation functions for northbridge
Michał Żygowski 05-07-2021 mb/pcengines/apu1: Disable memory bank interleaving
Michał Żygowski 05-07-2021 mb/pcengines/apu2/OemCustomize.c: make AGESA AmdInitPost happy
Michał Żygowski 05-06-2021 nb/amd/{agesa,pi}: Avoid overflows during DRAM calculation
Michał Żygowski 12-12-2020 util/cbfstool/fit.c: Add support for adding Boot Guard manifests
Michał Żygowski 11-09-2020 cpu/intel/model_206ax: Get CPU frequencies for SMBIOS type 4
Piotr Kleinschmidt 07-02-2020 mb/pcengines/apu1/mainboard.c: reorder includes
Michał Żygowski 06-21-2020 mb/protectli/vault_kbl: Enable Intel PTT
Piotr Kleinschmidt 06-16-2020 mb/pcengines/apu2/mainboard.c: unify hexadecimal notation using capital letters
Piotr Kleinschmidt 05-22-2020 mb/pcengines/apu1/platform_cfg.h: Unset UsbRxMode to avoid platform reset issue
Michał Żygowski 05-16-2020 mb/dell/optiplex_9010: Add Dell OptiPlex 9010 SFF support
Michał Żygowski 05-16-2020 superio/smsc/sch5545: add support for SMSC SCH5545
Michał Żygowski 05-07-2020 payloads/external/ Pass hardware IRQ option to SeaBIOS Makefile
Michał Żygowski 04-16-2020 SeaBIOS: fix threaded hardware initialization during oprom execution
Michał Żygowski 04-15-2020 sb/intel/bd82x6x/lpc.c: configure CLKRUN_EN according to SKU
Michał Żygowski 04-07-2020 Revert "mb/pcengines/apu2: add reset logic for PCIe slots"
Michał Żygowski 04-07-2020 drivers/pc80/tpm/tis.c: change the _HID and _CID for TPM2 device
Michał Żygowski 04-07-2020 nb/amd/pi/00730F01/northbridge.c: refactor IVRS generation
Michał Żygowski 04-06-2020 arch/x86/acpi: add definitions for IVHD type 11h
Michał Żygowski 03-31-2020 mb/pcengines/apu2: do not pass enabled PCIe ClockPM to AGESA
Michał Żygowski 03-25-2020 superio/nuvoton/nct5104d: add chip config option to reset GPIOs
Michał Żygowski 03-25-2020 amd/common/acpi: move thermal zone to common location
Michał Żygowski 03-25-2020 acpi: correct the processor devices scope
Michał Żygowski 03-25-2020 mb/pcengines/*/devicetree: remove non-existing NCT5104d LDN 0xe
Michał Żygowski 03-25-2020 mb/pcengines/apu2: enable PCIe power management features
Michał Żygowski 03-25-2020 mb/pcengines/apu2: add reset logic for PCIe slots
Michał Żygowski 03-23-2020 mb/pcengines/apu2/mptable.c: add GNB IOAPIC to MP Table
Michał Żygowski 03-23-2020 nb/amd/pi/00730F01/state_machine.c: unhardcode IOAPIC2 address
Michał Żygowski 03-23-2020 nb/amd/pi/00730F01: initialize GNB IOAPIC
Michał Żygowski 03-23-2020 nb/amd/{agesa,pi}/acpi: include thermal zone
Michał Żygowski 03-23-2020 nb/amd/agesa/family14: Improve HTC threshold handling
Michał Żygowski 03-23-2020 mb/pcengines/apu1/mainboard.c: Add SMBIOS type 16 and 17 entries
Michał Żygowski 03-10-2020 MAINTAINERS: Add 3mdeb as Protectli mainboards maintainers
Michał Żygowski 03-10-2020 mb/libretrend/lt1000: Add Libretrend LT1000 mainboard
Michał Żygowski 03-10-2020 mb/protectli/vault_kbl: Add FW6 support
Michał Żygowski 03-09-2020 soc/intel/braswell/chip.h: Include smbios.h for Type9 Entries
Michał Żygowski 03-09-2020 mb/protectli/vault: Add FW2B and FW4B Braswell based boards support
Michał Żygowski 03-07-2020 soc/intel/braswell: Generate microcode binaries from tree
Michał Żygowski 02-17-2020 nb/amd/pi/00730F01: enable ACS and AER for PCIe ports
Piotr Kleinschmidt 02-09-2020 sb/amd/{agesa,pi}/hudson/Kconfig: Change default SATA mode to AHCI
Piotr Kleinschmidt 02-06-2020 mb/pcengines/apu2: use AGESA with adjusted AGESA header
Michał Żygowski 01-21-2020 mb/pcengines/apu2/mainboard.c: Add SMBIOS type 16 and 17 entries
Piotr Kleinschmidt 01-20-2020 superio/nuvoton/nct5104d: Add virtual LDN for simple GPIO IO control
Piotr Kleinschmidt 01-20-2020 mb/pcengines/*: enable simple IO-based GPIO control
Piotr Kleinschmidt 01-15-2020 superio/nuvoton/nct5104d: Add soft reset GPIO functionality
Piotr Kleinschmidt 01-15-2020 mb/pcengines: Enable SuperIO LDN 0xf for GPIO soft reset
Michał Żygowski 01-12-2020 mb/*/*: use ACPIMMIO common block wherever possible
Michał Żygowski 01-10-2020 mb/pcengines/apu1/bootblock.c: Add possibility to redirect output to COM2
Michał Żygowski 01-09-2020 amd/agesa/state_machine: Add BeforeInitLate hooks
Michał Żygowski 01-09-2020 nb/amd/pi/00730F01/state_machine: Add lost options
Michał Żygowski 01-05-2020 sb/amd/{agesa,pi}: use ACPIMMIO common block wherever possible
Michał Żygowski 01-03-2020 amdblocks/acpimmio: add missing MMIO functions
Michał Żygowski 12-20-2019 AMD {SoC, AGESA, binaryPI}: Don't use both of _ADR and _HID
Michał Żygowski 12-13-2019 pcengines/apu1: Switch away from ROMCC_BOOTBLOCK
Michał Żygowski 12-11-2019 pcengines/apu2: Switch away from ROMCC_BOOTBLOCK
Michał Żygowski 12-11-2019 AGESA, binaryPI: implement C bootblock
Michał Żygowski 12-10-2019 amdblocks/pci: add common implementation of MMCONF enabling
Michał Żygowski 12-04-2019 soc/amd/common/block/acpimmio: fix ACPIMMIO decode enable function
Michał Żygowski 12-04-2019 amdblocks/acpimmio: Unify BIOSRAM usage
Michał Żygowski 12-04-2019 amdblocks/acpimmio: add common functions for AP entry
Michał Żygowski 12-04-2019 sb/amd/cimx/sb800: add C bootblock southbridge initialization
Michał Żygowski 12-04-2019 sb/amd/{agesa,pi}/hudson: add southbridge C bootblock initialization
Michał Żygowski 12-02-2019 sb/amd/cimx: replace cimx_util with common ACPIMMIO AMD block
Michał Żygowski 11-30-2019 AGESA,binaryPI: Remove redundant SSE enable
Michał Żygowski 11-30-2019 AGESA,binaryPI: Remove __x86_64__ long mode in CAR
Michał Żygowski 11-30-2019 AGESA,binaryPI: Fix stack location on entry to romstage
Michał Żygowski 11-29-2019 sb/amd/{agesa,pi}/hudson: enable support for AMD common ACPIMMIO blocks
Michał Żygowski 11-29-2019 cpu/amd/{agesa,pi}/Kconfig: select SSE2
Michał Żygowski 11-29-2019 sb/amd/{agesa,pi}/hudson: enable support for AMD common ACPIMMIO blocks
Krystian Hebel 11-27-2019 pcengines/apu2: Switch away from BINARYPI_LEGACY_WRAPPER
Krystian Hebel 11-26-2019 amd/pi/00730F01: Add support without BINARYPI_LEGACY_WRAPPER
Michał Żygowski 11-25-2019 binaryPI: Use Kconfig to define the number of IOAPICs
Krystian Hebel 11-23-2019 vendorcode/amd/pi/ remove -fno-zero-initialized-in-bss
Piotr Kleinschmidt 06-24-2019 Documentation: Add PC Engines apu2
Piotr Kleinschmidt 06-24-2019 Documentation: Add PC Engines apu1
Michał Żygowski 06-21-2019 src/cpu/amd/pi/00730F01: Add microcode update infrastructure for fam16h PI
Krystian Hebel 06-03-2019 util/superiotool/ite.c: add support for IT8613E
Michał Żygowski 04-08-2019 src/soc/intel/fsp_baytrail/smm.c: add bootstate entry for locking SMI
Michał Żygowski 03-14-2019 src/mainboard/pcengines/apu2: Bring back copyrights
Krystian Hebel 03-06-2019 superio/ite/it8613e: add support for ITE IT8613E
Michał Żygowski 03-06-2019 MAINTAINERS: Update Braswell SoC maintainers
Krystian Hebel 03-02-2019 superio/ite/common: add option for enabling 5 FANs
Krystian Hebel 03-02-2019 superio/ite/common/env_ctrl.c: fix IS_ENABLED argument
Michał Żygowski 02-11-2019 src/mainboard/pcengines/apu2/OemCustomize.c: Enable CPB feature
Michał Żygowski 01-16-2019 src/mainboard/pcengines/apu1: Enable LPC TPM
Krystian Hebel 01-09-2019 agesawrapper.c: check if HOP_COUNT_TABLE exists before AmdInitLate()
Kyösti Mälkki 01-04-2019 util/superiotool: Add ITE IT8786E-I
Michał Żygowski 12-31-2018 src/superio/ite/common: Prepare for ITE IT8786E SuperIO
Krystian Hebel 12-28-2018 mb/pcengines/apu2/romstage.c: disable SVI2 wait completion
Michał Żygowski 12-20-2018 superio/ite: Add IT8786E-I
Michał Żygowski 12-03-2018 src/mb/pcengines/apu2/mainboard.c: Fix retrieving serial number
Michał Żygowski 11-23-2018 src/arch/x86/acpi.c: Create log area and extend TPM2 table
Piotr Król 11-21-2018 payloads/tianocore: rebase patches to UDK2018 release
Michał Żygowski 11-08-2018 src/mb/pcengines/apu2/romstage.c: Allow coreboot console output on COM2
Michał Żygowski 10-08-2018 minnowmax: allow both 1333 and 1066 MHz memory SKUs
Piotr Król 10-11-2018 payloads/tianocore: Fix not applying patch 06_CorebootPayloadPkg_keep_cb_table
Piotr Król 09-28-2018 payloads/tianocore: ignore whitespace change when applying patches
Michał Żygowski 09-26-2018 src/mainboard/pcengines/apu2/Kconfig: Clean up PINMUX settings
Michał Żygowski 09-26-2018 src/mainboard/pcengines/apu2/Kconfig: Remove TPM1 option
Piotr Król 09-20-2018 nb/amd/pi/00730F01: use MMIO and performance counters from AGESA
Michał Żygowski 09-18-2018 mainboard/pcengines: select ADD_SEABIOS_SERCON_PORT_FILE
Piotr Król 09-16-2018 configs: add sercon port and disable pxe serial console for apu{2,3,4,5}
Piotr Król 09-15-2018 pcengines/apu2: enable IOMMU for all apu2 variants
Kamil Wcisło 08-11-2018 drivers/pc80/tpm: add support for SLB9665 TPM2.0 module
Piotr Król 08-06-2018 payloads/external/SeaBIOS: add support for sercon port
Michał Żygowski 08-04-2018 mb/pcengines/apu2: change GPIO setting
Piotr Król 07-10-2018 src/sb/amd/pi/hudson/sd.c: disable SDR50 tuning and set correct clock freq in SD2.0 mode
Michał Żygowski 07-03-2018 payloads/iPXE: add iPXE serial enable option
Michał Żygowski 07-03-2018 mb/pcengines/apu1: use generic SPD
Michał Żygowski 06-23-2018 mb/pcengines/apu2: turn LED 2 and LED 3 off in final stage
Piotr Król 06-03-2018 pcengines/apu1: align with apu{2,3,4,5} lowercase naming
Piotr Król 05-19-2018 configs: add PC Engines apu2 sample configuration
Piotr Król 04-29-2018 pcengines/apu2: remove TPM from devicetree for apu3
Piotr Król 03-21-2018 MAINTAINERS: change second PC Engines maintainer
Piotr Król 12-21-2017 pcengines/apu2: add support for apu4 variant
Piotr Król 12-17-2017 MAINTAINERS: add maintainers for all PC Engines mainboards
Piotr Król 12-17-2017 util/docker: add nasm to fix tianocore payload compilation
Piotr Król 11-05-2017 util/docker: add support for crossgcc building params
Kamil Wcisło 10-20-2017 mainboard/pcengines/apu2: add apu3 and apu5 variants
Michał Żygowski 10-17-2017 pcengines/apu2: Add timestamps to romstage
Kamil Wcisło 10-17-2017 mainboard/pcengines/apu2: use GENERIC_SPD_BIN
Michał Żygowski 10-15-2017 pcengines boards: Update board_info files
Piotr Król 12-19-2016 pcengines/apu2: add board support